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Day of overpriced heart-everything, cheesy quotes, holding hands and +83429847 ‘couple goals’ pictures on instagram has come. It’s my 20 v-day in a row as a single lady, fyi i was born in May and am turning 21 this year and no, it’s not a post about me complaining about being single nor people who are in relationships and just spam the internet with it, especially on 14th of February. This post is for everyone, however gotta write it from my ‘forever alone’ point of view. That’s a sarcasm, just in case. There are so many people being extremely desperate trying to find the love of their life around every corner, the ‘goal’ of finding their other half feels like the most important one in their life, as if being in a relationship guarantees you all the best things in the world, including being forever happy. I’ve had a lot of men who disappointed me in my years of existence on this planet earth, from the personal experience they tend to cause more trouble and heartbreaks on many levels than it’s worth it. Due to that I never understood them people who were so desperately looking for love. As I came up within an idea of creating this post just to share all of my thoughts on this day and a bit about love with you guys, I felt it’s only right to see different perspectives, points of views, different stories. Some of you shared your stories with me and they were all so unique but the thought of some people I heard of/you guys who found their other halves over on tinder was super strange to me. It’s going to sound really weird, since I’m an internet gal, but I don’t really like it on many levels and dating/chatting/etc are some of them. On these terms I’m very stereotypical and my ethics make me feel awful when I have to, talking about tinder, swipe left or right whenever I like the person or not, and you know what? That’s absolutely fine. No pressure. This thing is simply not for me and maybe not for you as well. I believe that we cannot force love to find us in an instant, we cannot make it happen, it’s not up to us, at least partly. Cheesy quote alert: some of the best things come in life unplanned and unexpected, same thing with relationships i guess? Instead of looking for love as for your ‘perfect’ boyfriend or girlfriend, try to find it in other places. Here’s what Valentines day for me is all about. It’s about love, love in general. The love I have for my family, for my friends, for my beloved puppy. The love you guys give me on daily bases and I try to give you as well. It’s about admiring little things in life such as veggie burgers and other incredible yummy thingies. Celebrating love on the V-day is not for couples only, it’s for everyone. It’s here to remind you to focus on you, your loved ones, your passions, your goals. Everything that makes you smile everyday, that helps you get out of bed in the morning. It’s even all about your celebrity crushes and being grateful you found these people along the way cause they make you happy and kinda who you are. Make sure to treat this day as reminder about all of these things and celebrate them not only today, but tomorrow and for the rest of your life, ’cause having love in your heart is like being sprinkled with a bit of pixie dust, it makes everything a little easier and brighter.  

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thanks for visiting my blog, let me know in the comments how do you celebrate this years v-day,
love, San


  1. Ana Beatriz says:

    I’ve never had a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day, but I’m fine with that! It never was a big deal for me… I’m a romantic person, but just like you said, love is in a lot of places. And the other day I was thinking about the fact that one of the most important types of love for me, is the love that I have for my friends. Everyone talks about finding that significant other to live with your whole life, but, I think friends are as important as “finding your soulmate”, if that’s even a real thing! haha
    My real friends are always there with me when I need the most. On the happy days and in the terrible days. And I think that’s so important and special, looking at your friends and thinking “I’m so lucky to have this person with me”.
    I do believe in love, and as a Taurus, I’m always dreaming about love, but my past experiences weren’t that good. One thing that I took from them is that I had the opportunity of learning a few important lessons in the heartbreak process.
    Have a good day! Hugs from Brazil xx

  2. Patts says:

    Thank you, thank you so much for this post, it’s definitely something I’ve been needing today. I’m just like you, forever alone, and recently I found myself desperately looking for somebody, just like you mentioned… Obviously, I agree the best things come unplanned, I totally advocate it! But still, there was something about me that made me feel ‘worse’ because I’m alone.
    Your post made my evening and you know what? You are absolutely right about everything! I’m off to spread love with my parents and friends right now 🙂
    Love ya, San xx

    • S A N says:

      That’s such a lovely comment! I also feel like there’s this weird pressure as if we should be in relationships asap, but in fact we just need to chill and enjoy life! Glad I could help xx

  3. Constance says:

    Every V-day I spent with one of my girlfriends we were chatting or go for a movie. I have a boyfriend but we are living in long distance relationship. So yesterday was out first v day together. And we’re together 3,5 year and it wasn’t anything special even more we had better dates than that one. I really like your point of view and I totally agree. Let’s celebrate love every single day! Because Valentine’s Day is just another occasion to buy overpriced flowers and chocolates

  4. Ellie says:

    Hey girl, with the same blog design! Me, ever since single as well!!!

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